For our Pilipino friends we have special rates for your christening, first birthday, 7th birthday, debut or Wedding. We have lots of experience handling these, after all "ang asawa ko ay pilipina" :)
Drop us a line and don't forget to mention that you would like the Philcan Price List. We even have an awesome Sun backdrop just for these events.
Current Specials
Download Pinoy Pseudobooth Party Specials (Open Air Booth)
Download Pinoy OnyxBox Party Specials (Enclosed Booth)
Early Book Specials for 2017
We are offering a limited time special on our most popular booth "The OnyxBox". The booth is regularly $999 but we are booking it out at $849 with is a savings of $150. We are also offering the "Pseudobooth for $599 a savings of $100.

This offer is only available on events booked by January 31st, 2017, and will be taken on a first come first served basis.

Pinoy Party Pricing
Okay, maybe not absolutely free but...
Growing up in the vending and arcade industry I spent quite a bit of time hanging out with my dad while he worked on photobooths. While in the early days before video games were invented this often meant that the location would have 1 or more pinball machines and usually my father would dip into the cash box and me a few quarters and send me off to play (to stay out of his hair :P). Over the years I have actually built up some skill and at one point I had managed to amass a collection of 13 of my own machines. Unfortunately though in a recent reorganization of our workshop I had to part with 9 of them (which broke my heart).

So here is what I am proposing...

I have found that in Manitoba there is quite a few old pinball machines sitting unused and unwanted in peoples basements, garages, boathouses etc... I am willing to discount your rental in exchange for your old machine up to the point of a free rental.

As I am an avid collector and have been in the amusement industry all my life I have very accurate knowledge of what these things are worth, and will offer a fair discount AND come and remove it from it's current location.

Please note that most old pins before 1980 are worth between $50 to $1000 depending on the machine and what shape it is in. (older machine are worth less than newer ones) If you are wondering what your machine is realistically worth send me a pic and tell me if it is running or not and I can give you an off the cuff or I can drop by and give it a thorough going over.

I do collect video games as well and would offer $200 off for a working machine in good shape. If it does not work I would be willing to haul it away for free. (for parts)